Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Form 4473 Class

The dreaded wallet holster...
Had a class today on the federal 4473 form.  This is the form one must complete to purchase/receive a firearm from a dealer.  Interesting.  The class was conducted by an ATF inspector.  So what I learned was...

Well, the 4473 is a stand alone legal document.  In effect it is part of the chain of custody for the firearm.  Although, from the federal standpoint, a private sale is acceptable without it, it is an absolute inviolate necessity for each form to be correctly completed for that reason.  Police officers understand the chain of custody. 

The sales clerk can't change any data except on line one he/she can print the name of the purchaser IF it is illegible as entered by the buyer.  Corrections can also be made AFTER the transfer by photocopying the completed form and doing the corrections on the photocopy.  I didn't know these two things, in part because I've never had to do them.

I also learned that a college student's school issued ID is proof of residency for purchase of a handgun just as the serviceman's orders are proof of residency for the purpose of a firearms purchase.

I learned that all of these things are covered in the Gun Control Act of 1968 Regulations and the subsequent rulings by the ATF. The instructor also emphasized the importance of the open letters

I also learned that the wallet holster with gun (as shown above left) is an "any other weapon" and must have the required Form 4.  Either the gun and or wallet/holster separated are legal but put them together...  The same applies to putting a foregrip on a pistol.  Apparently some people are doing this to pistols which have the rails on the dustcover. 

All in all it was an interesting class if only for the few tidbits.

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