Monday, March 26, 2012

Notes from the gun shop...

After a long weekend of birthday celebrations for myself and your Aunt Deanna, I had to get back to work this morning.  I was a bit held up and then hurried up by the arrival of Jack Clem's fence crew and helped to lift his trailer into position to be backed out of the driveway.  Then I was able to get out and gone to work.  Rather more exciting than my usual workday start.

Things slowed up considerably from there.  Except for the ATF post-audit briefing there were few if any people in the shop this morning.  I was busy researching values on Trapdoor Springfields.  These are apparently (because I've only seen photos) an 1884 rifle and a parts gun carbine.  I'd have a little more faith in my price estimate if I'd been able to see the guns.

Another highlight was a fellow who brought in a unique product attempting to sell them to us.  Based on the popularity of the survival bracelets made of woven para-cord, this young fellow came up with the idea of rifle slings made in the same manner.  I wish I'd had my camera for photos.  These are well made and he uses over 100 feet of para-cord in each one.  100 feet of cord is much more useful than the 10 feet of cord in the average bracelet.  Pretty neat.

We had a fellow come in to pick up his 3" Colt Pocket Positive.  This gun had been nickeled outside the factory and had some nice after-market pearl stocks.  The unnickeled hammer was the main give-away that the finish wasn't factory but the barrel markings were also much dimmer than those seen here.

The boss also allowed that he is selling a Winchester 92 rifle in .25-20.  This gun is not a perfect collector's piece but would make a marvelous shooter for somebody.

Later in the day business did pick up and so did sales with all gun sales and layaways coming in a 2-hour period between 2 and 4 PM. 

Tomorrow it will be back to the shop for training by the ATF.  Something new?  I don't know but I'll tell you about it later.

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