Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Notes from the gun shop...

Wow!  We've been having great weather.  It is the ONLY thing to cut into business.  With the early onset of spring everyone has been out doing yard work and such, just like me, and not in the gun shop.  We were joking that instead of having cold nasty weather in which people spend their tax refunds on guns and ammo we were having beautiful weather where people go out and spend the tax refund on their yard.

Target w/point assignments for 100 yard match
Still, we did a tolerable business even though it started out slow.  I learned that last week there were several days of 10 gun sales and the layawake shelf is starting to clear a bit as well.

Today, I dropped back in after working yesterday (to drop off some targets for consideration in the 100 yard .22 LR match) and they had just taken in a S&W 17-3 with, I'm sorry to say, fake pearl grips.  The gun is beautiful but for that.  I should also note that we still haven't sold the nice, nickeled Colt Cobra.

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