Monday, March 12, 2012

Notes from the gun shop...

It was another busy day at the gun shop.  10 background checks with a difference.  Today only 1/3rd were "instantly" approved, 2/3rds were delayed.  It is usually the other way 'round. 

Sold lots of stuff as well.  Beautiful day and lots of people headed to the range AND people talking about the coming election.  18 to 80 it was all OMG, i.e. Obama Must Go.  However, they are afraid that he will be re-elected, by hook or by crook. 

One fellow brought in a nice USFA color-case and dome blue Bisley in .45 Colt for sale.  He wanted $850 but didn't bring it in the box.  Boss found that they were selling somewhere at discounted prices of about $600 and wouldn't go for that and the fellow, after allowing that he did have the box walked out in a huff IGNORING me as I chased after him to offer the $850.  He is a fool for allowing his emotions to take over and I'm $850 to the good for not having spent the money.  Good for me and bad for him.

I also made a rookie mistake today.  Fella brought in a Ruger MKIII he said he couldn't get the magazine out of.  For some reason I was thinking heel release ala MKI and MKII and ignored the mag release button.  Of course I should have caught it immediately but didn't.  I think it was only a couple of hours earlier that I'd instinctively cleared a MKIII by using the mag release correctly. 

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