Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wonderful weather, all out of character for this time of year...

The weather isn't "right".  Temps are 70°+ and not a lot of rain, but some, so the days are nice.  Yesterday we had a nice summer time type shower and the sun was full out and shining on us at the same time.  Beautiful.

Needless to say we're out in the yard a lot.  Lots of stuff to do.  Soon, we'll be replacing the fences on either side and inside the yard.  We're waiting for something to happen in the alley behind the house to replace the fence back there.

We putting in new front steps.  Brick this time so that we don't have to paint AND so that they aren't as slick as the wood steps were.  We also think they will better suit the house.

We finally built the shed, as previously noted, after 16+ years waiting for everything to come together.  The round tuit was finally delivered and in went the shed.

Soon, we'll be redoing the driveway and particularly the ramp.  The pothole in the ramp, where the ground beneath has given way, makes climbing the short ramp into the drive like a Land Rover operator's training course

We just power-washed the front walk, sidewalk and retaining walls.  Wow!  Didn't know they were ever that color.  Amazing.

I think I've already mentioned the painting on the exterior, redecking and other repairs to the back porch.  Now there was a burden of dread lifted from my shoulders.  I fully believed that the corner by the basement stairs was in danger of imminent collapse.  Yes, we rebuilt the basement door as well.

Soon, we'll be painting the downstairs half-bath and renovating the den with a different paint and new carpeting.  We also ordered the built-in bookshelves for the "library" where my office once was.

Maybe we can then take a breather.  I need some more time at the range and out and away from the house. 

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Marty said...

The weather here has been great, too. Getting lots done outside. Today though we had snow so I've been inside checking on gun sites and ccw reciprocity for my next vacation.