Friday, September 22, 2006

Goose Hunting

Goose season, Canadas, is September to September. In Virginia you need a state waterfowl stamp as well as the federal migratory bird stamp.

Being raised in WV, KY and VA mountains we just didn't seem to have the opportunities to duck and/or goose hunt that others seem to have. At least not enough that my dad would pop for the licenses to take me...

Now, there are large resident populations. Good size flocks/flights go over my house nightly and we see them in many fields hereabouts. Unfortunately getting permission to hunt in a field coincidental with geese is difficult. I've been in fields next to fields with geese, yes camoed up, and they will go in and out the other side. So in two years of attempts, no geese, not even a shot at a goose.

It doesn't do anything for my self-esteem that every morning I awake as my wife heads down the stairs, go to the can and am greeted by a large flight of Canadas going about 25 yards above my home making a sound that could wake the dead. Unfortunate indeed that I can't take up a position in the huge forsythia hedge in my front yard and bust my limit as they buzz my home. All the worse that I can't gain access to any field in which I've found geese even though I am using so much gas in searching for such a field that Exxon will be able to pay a record dividend this quarter. Oh well. It is fun and they are great birds.

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