Monday, September 18, 2006

The J-frame "Banana" and the S&W 34-1

Shown is my new-to-me S&W 34-1 with the factory "banana" grips. These grips were purchased from CDNN Investments and are blems. On these grips there is a bit chipped on the right grip near the trigger. Not a big thing to modify the grips and refinish to remove the blem and the price was a huge $14.99. These are very comfortable grips and provide a grip similar to that when using the Tyler-T grip adapter.

What I don't like about them, and why they aren't on the gun as I type this, is that these grips extend beyond the revolver grip frame. Additional bulk. I'm trying to avoid that. So, I've been thinking of cutting these off short but even with the grip frame. Unfortunately, there is a bit of a gap, inside around the butt. If I cut them off there would be a gap between the front of the grip frame and the inside of the grips. I could glass bed these eliminating the gap... I can see this being more work than is cost effective.

For what its worth, I have ordered 2 Tyler-T grip adapters. Takes them a bit to deliver despite the fact that they have the adapters on hand and charge your card immediately. It took so long for them to deliver the first order of one that I called thinking they'd lost the order (mailed because I couldn't get them on the phone). Then I thought they might just be able to modify the order and send both adapters for one shipping price ($7+). Not so. Now I'm waiting to see if they arrive in the same package.

I've seen these at yard sales, but, I thought, I'll never need that. No more, I'm getting them when I can. Having extra on-hand doesn't seem such a bad idea any more.

The S&W 34-1 NICKELED is like a little jewel. I really didn't want a nickeled gun and passed this one by several times and delayed buying it solely because it was nickeled. However, when I gave in and that got it in hand I was smitten. All the more so after removing those Pachmayrs. Now it is so darn cute. Yep, I'm looking for a blued and a stainless (M63) version. I like them.

UPDATE - Well now that is interesting. I received the POLISHED Tyler-T grip adapter for the 34-1 today, but I've yet to receive the BLACK one I ordered 4 weeks ago for my M36. While Cathy (IIRC) told me there was no production delay so that I wouldn't change my order, I've yet to receive the product! One has to wonder what's up with that!

FWIW, the Tyler-T on the 34-1 DOES feel almost exactly like the banana grips. Just shorter. I like it, a lot! The gun seems all business to me. If I get a M60, I'll have to get another polished Tyler-T.

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