Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Saga of the S&W 34 Quest

That slick old Xavier posted about a S&W 34-1 2" and it ignited a craving that is without reason or rational cause. Then Lady Tam posts about her great fun with hers and so do some folks of whom I inquire about their experiences with these petite firearms. The hunger grows. Apparently I was not the only person so affected. Suddenly, you can look up old completed auctions, the prices on these guns shot up. They sold and for goodly prices. Blue, nickel, or stainless (M63) matters not. NIB or imperfect matters not. Prices rise quickly. Where I thought I could afford one, I find that I can not. Talk about discouraging. Then I find one on GunsAmerica and committ to the purchase but as it is the weekend I've no word yet and perhaps it is already sold. Frustrating indeed.

UPDATE: The nickel 34-1 should be enroute to my dealer shortly. I was outbid on another.

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