Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ethanol in Gas Ticks Me Off!

Why am I angered by ethanol in gasoline? Let me count the ways...
1 - it hobbles my mileage thus raising my cost above what I'd pay for straight gas AND limiting my range between refills.
2 - it has destroyed at least one lawnmower. The ethanol isn't good with Tecumseh carburators and destroys some seals.
3 - it COSTS more money and energy to put in the gas than it can possibly produce.
4 - use of ethanol in gasoline raises the price of corn for foodstuffs.

So, I'm looking for gas sans ethanol for use in, at the least, my lawnmowers, weedeater and chainsaw. I discovered some information such as a map of the areas where the reformulated gasoline is mandated. There's a site that lists places you can buy ethanol free gas.

I discovered that Southern States sells ethanol free gas (E0 gas). Their pumps are a pain though. One central card reader and no instructions. I imagine it saves them money.

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