Thursday, May 13, 2010

Marlin Model 62

Marlin Model 62 Rifle
Chambered for the .256 Winchester and .30 U.S. Carbine, the Marlin Model 62 (as well as the Model 56 .22 LR and 57 .22 WMRF) was an attempt by Marlin to produce a 'modern' levergun at a better price-point.  These guns were made from 1955 to 1969.

To disassemble (from the hang tags for the Marlin 62):

1. Remove magazine, open lever, loosen front takedown screw (69), and front screw under lever ((70). Barrel and action may now be lifted out of the stock. NOTE: The trigger plate (78) is permanently attached to the stock. DO NOT try to remove it.
2. Remove the two front assembly screws (5) and the rear assembly screw (3) and post (1). Swing the rear of the action out of the receiver completely. Spread the front ends of the side plates (64 & 65) apart to disengage studs from receiver and remove action. To reassemble, reverse this procedure.
3. By lifting the front of the breech bolt (11), all working parts are exposed for cleaning and oiling without taking side plates apart. It is not recommended to take the side plates apart for cleaning or oiling.


Unknown said...

I love my 30 carbine Model 62.
If only someone could make a larger capacity mag!


William J. Stewart said...

Have you considered modifying a USGI 30 M1 carbine magazine to fit the Marlin Magazine well? I am working on a conversion of a 30 M1 Carbine to fire 45 Winchester Magnum (45WM) rounds (a longer 45 ACP casing) and have already modified three original '15 round' magazines to hold ten 45WM rounds in a single column. I have found that the magazines are reasonably easy to rework if you are careful and think out the needed changes beforehand.
William J. Stewart, ETC USN Retired