Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Notes from the gun shop...

Yesterday was a pretty uneventful day. Only did 4 transfers/background checks. There was a technological glitch and two of the backgrounds were delayed for about 2 hours. Did see a couple of interesting guns but they were interesting for the wrong reason.

#1 was a Mauser Commercial C96. Somebody had told the owner it dated to 1911 and was worth about $2500. It might well date to 1911. It was NOT worth $2500. Patches of blue showed through the rust with serious pitting in some places. The grips were dry but in moderately good condition considering the rest of the gun. The bore seemed to have some pitting even though the rifling was mostly there. The travel surfaces seemed fairly clean. An ugly gun that would shoot. Owner then claimed he didn't know anything about the guns (although I thought he did know quite a lot aside from the value). Made me think that he was trying to intimidate or fool us into taking the gun for more than it is worth. I priced it at $250-300. Owner leaves with gun.

#2 was more of the same. Owner called and said he had a Colt Frontier worth $1200 and would we be interested. I said we'd have to see it. Owner arrives with gun. Gun is Colt duotone Frontier Scout (not the one illustrated). Much bluing worn off, there was some rust & staining and it won't lock up correctly. Also has Franzite stag grips. The owner asked only for value (a "clever" ploy often used). I told him what I thought it was worth. He then allows that he wants to sell it. I remind him that my estimate is RETAIL NOT WHOLESALE and call boss man over (he does the buying). He proceeds to tell boss man it is worth $700. I left so that I could react without being seen. Such people are dishonest and I can't hide my disdain. Boss man offers $125 (which I think is too much to offer) and in the end pays $200.

What is it about people that they think they can fool you when you do business buying and selling a certain product. That is just like me telling my Nissan dealer my 2001 XTERRA is worth $36,000.

So those were most of the highlights EXCEPT that the boss shows off a S&W 66 that is a Puerto Rico law enforcement trade-in. These are stainless and have the lock. The wholesale price is in the $440 range for an "excellent" gun. These are guns taken in by S&W on trade for M&P pistols and re-conditioned by S&W before they are sold.

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