Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mernickle Holster for FA-97

A few months ago I managed to acquire a Freedom Arms 97 in .44 Special. I really liked the gun and thought it needed an appropriately fancy holster to match its fine construction. A lot of thought went into this. Even after deciding on the Mernickle P6SA it took me a while to commit to the carving. In the end it just didn't seem right to put this very fine revolver in just some plain old piece of leather.

Ordered in March, Mernickle apparently received the order on March 22nd. It arrived here on May 14th while I was at the NRA Annual Meeting. I'd been worrying the week before it arrived that I hadn't actually ordered it. I had decided to call Mernickle to ascertain if I had ordered it after coming back from the NRA meeting but, of course, it was waiting on me!

I have had a chance to wear it a bit, I already have one for my USFA single-action, and it is very comfortable and stays in place. The guns almost snap into place just as with a kydex holster but of course, there's none of that polymer in the holster. To my eyes the brown in the holster is a near match to the stocks on the revolver. I like that, too.

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