Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Winchester 1892 Survey

Our friend Michael _____ is doing some research on Winchester 1892s. If you are willing to have your 1892(s) included, email Michael.

In his own words...
I have begun a survey of the production variations of the Model 1892 and intend on covering the entire production range of just over a million rifles. Yeah I am sure I'm nuts to take this on but being a science kind of guy, collecting data and analyzing it is just part of me. So far I have looked at 535 rifles for the survey and hope to have several thousand down the road. The furthest rifle so far is from New Zealand. If you have one or one dozen and would like to make some data available for the project that would be great. I will be glad to let you know how your rifle fits into the serial number range around it. All data will be kept confidential and eventually I intend to publish a long article documenting the variations as they pertain to serial number and date of production. I have reference material and a spread sheet with easy instructions to help you. Any photos will gladly be accepted.

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