Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Notes from the gun shop...

Boy, were we busy yesterday I got there at 9 AM and we really didn't stop until AFTER closing at 5:30.

For those tracking the performance of the Virginia background check system, we did 9 background checks. 2 were delayed. The first of those was approved within 1 hour. The second was a bit of a problem, almost losing a sale.

The individual purchased a revolver and used his 15 day old CHP as the second I.D. The background approval was held up for 4 hours because the center didn't have a record of the CHP. We had to fax it. That the customer was STILL there instead of out and about awaiting our call was the only reason we had it to fax to them. It still took another 45 minutes to resolve and apparently that only after the boss man got on the phone and complained that he was going to lose the sale over the problem. What held up the approval in the first place was apparently (because they won't come out and tell you why) this was the second handgun purchase in 30 days and they didn't think the CHP was valid.

Frankly, this irritates ME because every person that can input backgrounds goes through a background (including fingerprinting yet again) check and we actually look at the second I.D. I put the CHP number on the state form so that I can refer to it. This isn't the first time this has happened.

Last week a fellow told me about his experience with the center not having a record of his CHP. Also, I got a call from the center in my first weeks about the CHP number. I was quizzed as to the source of the number as the caller (we don't know their positions) apparently couldn't believe that I actually looked at the CHP to record the number...

There were no really neat or unusual firearms to come through the shop. That's one thing I look forward to experiencing.

We did receive quite a bit of ammunition. A case of Winchester .380 ACP ball. We even got 5 boxes of .41 Magnum. The retail on that after our markup (a rather modest markup compared to others in our area), $59.99! I'm glad I reload! We also got some .30-30 CoreLokt in both 150 and 170 gr. bullet loads.

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