Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Notes from the gun shop...

Second day of gun shop work this week.

Interesting guns included a Winchester Model 55 .22 LR Semi-auto single shot... Yep. It has a "tap" or gate on top with groove. Push on it with bullet nose to expose chamber and insert. Safety is automatically engaged. Release safety, push forward on button at rear of receiver, and fire. Fires from OPEN bolt like many submachineguns. Round will be automatically ejected through port in bottom of receiver. 48,000 made from late 1940s through 1953 or so. I had never seen one until today.  Not the one shown above, the one our shop has is in much better condition. We took in a Winchester Model 59 .22 LR bolt gun from the same seller.

He promises to bring in a Leman muzzleloader in about 3 weeks. Charles or Henry and what form I do not know. The rifle was used by a fellow in West Virginia from about 1840. They have the provenance recorded which he will bring with him. I love this sort of thing.

The background check system had some more tech problems this morning and they never seemed to catch up. At one time we had 5 purchases delayed. I don't know what was going on there.

The shop also has a 2" Model 10 roundbutt in stock. NICE gun but no box. I mulled over that one for a while.

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