Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Swag

It is the day after Christmas 2010 and I'm rolling in swag. My family was entirely too generous to me but I do very much appreciate it. I hope that I remember this in my old age...

I received wool socks and an LL Bean chamois shirt. I got a shop vac, which I almost bought the week before. I also received a Kindle.

Now, I've got to say that I have been ambivalent about the Kindle with 3G service. I'm a fan of the tactile experience of reading a book or magazine and I like to see the color illustrations. Like all children, I like illustrations. After registering, my first book was Jeff Cooper's, "Art of the Rifle". One thing I like is that I am able to but the "book" down (turn it off) and come back right to where I left it. I can search for other such books from this one. I can search by author or title. Still, there is something to turning the page, smelling the ink, etc. Intangible pleasures not available in the digital version. Also, since Nana got one, I've had a bit of a problem working two Amazon accounts off one e-mail address. However, now that her account is functioning, we can let it be as she orders off the Kindle device with one-click payment. One of the biggest selling points of the Kindle for me is the accessibility of free, pre-1923, books. I am particularly interested in Theodore Roosevelt's writings. Heretofore one had to buy a print version or lug it back from the library IF you could find a copy there. This will be infinitely easier. Same for Nessmuk and some others...

In another tact I also got Gun Digest issues on CD! Now these will require my computer to read but should also have the illustrations which I should also be able to magnify to my heart's content. To find these in print and then to store them would have been a hassle so I think the CD version should suit me well.

More swag was in the form of a very neat caned footstool/seat my daughter and son-in-law got for us. We need the emergency seating and were looking for a handy ottoman for the den (which is a rather small room).

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