Monday, December 27, 2010

Notes from the gun shop...

It was a fast paced day all day. 12 background checks, many smaller purchases, many questions answered and a couple of neat guns.

Number 1 neat gun was the sporterized (long time ago) 1884 Trapdoor. The action was original but not the barrel, sights or stock. Came to the shoulder and I was looking down the sights. Absolutely superb condition. Every bit of fit and finish was very well done. A rare gem. Not for sale, just brought in to brag on.

A good friend and her husband came in with their daughter and showed me photos of this year's deer including her 149 green scored 9-point. What a deer and just 2 miles from my family's place. Too bad we have to sell it.

Neat gun number 2 was a Colt Anaconda. 6" barrel, it was in pretty nice condition with box. Seems that a local fellow brought in several Colts to sell as he has nobody to whom it might leave them. I should have been there last week during the week as I missed these. That might have been in my best interest though, you can't own them all...

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