Saturday, December 04, 2010

Some things I will never understand...

Working at the other shop today and a couple comes in, after the short conversation I am supposing mother and son. Son is looking for a drill rifle. Mother doesn't want to spend the money that a purpose built drill rifle costs and WILL NOT HAVE A REAL GUN IN THE HOUSE. Now that is something I don't understand. She said they were dangerous. I asked if she had knives in her kitchen and if she had driven to the store. Rhetorical perhaps as of course she drove and of course she has kitchen knives. She said guns were evil because guns kill. I asked if she was going to throw herself out of the house because she kills. She eats meat, she drives, she walks, she won't let "bugs" in her house, she kills ergo she must be evil. Right? No, it is guns that are evil.

To my mind only people are capable of evil. Only people make choices based on whether they believe they are doing something which is right or wrong. Despite the "evidence" in a wealth of various animated classic movies, the other animals do not reason in this way. If hungry, they eat, if they must kill to eat, they do so. Inanimate objects lack even this basic ability to respond to stimulus. Heck, they can't even move. Hammers, screw drivers, rocks, canes, golf clubs, baseball bats, all share this basic inability to form thought, respond to stimuli or to move independently. I will never understand this "reasoning".

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