Monday, December 06, 2010

Notes from the gun shop...

A busy day in the shop, we saw the Christmas buying season continue to build.  8 background checks (all of which were seemingly quicker than usual) with 9 transfers.  Unfortunately we also saw a number of guns come into the shop looking for buyers.  There were a couple of interesting guns (people needing to pay bills and feed their families), interesting to at least one of us. 

The first of those that was purchased today was a Remington 700 .222 Remington.  This was an older gun and one of the other clerks was hot on it after it was bought.  The rifle has a Canjar trigger and while used isn't abused and, as I said, is one of the early 700s for this cartridge. 

Next up was a Ruger 5½" barreled Single-Six for the .32 H&R magnum.  It is one of the adjustable sight guns and was NIB but the box didn't have the paperwork.  The box was marked "SSM" but the gun wasn't.  IIRC the serials do match.  I did let some friends know about it but the boss' $650 price tag might have given them pause.  It shouldn't as he is open to negotiation.  In this economy, who really knows what a gun will bring unless you put it out there. 

We also got a finish worn Series 80 Colt Officer's model .45 ACP pistol.  I think that the boss will be offering that for about $400.  I couldn't find anything wrong with it mechanically but the finish is well and truly carry worn.  I think it would be a good deal for somebody wanting one of these little .45s. 

Of course the boss man got another opportunity to show his generous side.  We have a husband who's buying a gun, on layaway, and his wife is buying the same model gun also on layaway.  Knowing that only one gun is being sold, to further the deception the boss is leaving both guns on the layaway shelf. 

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