Sunday, December 12, 2010

Went to the gun show today...

Rockingham County Fairgrounds, a C&E show.  Nothing much to float my boat.  Some interesting vendors.  Historical Arms Corporation was there.  Not much to interest me though.  Ran into some friends, Buddy B________, Vic A______, and _______ ________ (the last shall remain nameless).  Nothing much to talk about.  Oh, there were some nice rifles and revolvers, just not for me or at prices beyond reasonable to my mind and wallet.  No sights, magazines, or ammo that I needed.  No component dealers.  Lots of jewelry and not good stuff at that.  Weather is nasty, wet, cold and with the promise of snow later if Nana gets her way.  A flop. I delivered some presents, topped off the tank, picked up some candy makings for Christmas presents and came home.

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