Thursday, December 09, 2010

G'ma Janie's Poetry

Grandmother wrote poetry. She thought she was rather clever. We'll go with that. Herewith is a collection of G'ma Janie's poetry as I find it.

This first was written for her God-daughter, Priscilla Davis...
Accompanying artwork by G'ma Janie
Said Daniel the Spaniel
to Horace the Cat,
"What mouse is that mouse
At whose mousehole you sat?"

Said Horace the Cat
To his friend Daniel Dog,
"That mouse is a louse
Who eats high on the hog.

I've promised my mistress,
And you can help, too,
To chase him right back
To the fields where he grew."

So Daniel the Spaniel
And Horace the Cat
Chased mouse from the house,
Where he'd grow so darn fat.

And Daniel the Spaniel
And Horace the Cat
Lived long and were happy
And grew fatter than that!

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