Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Notes from the gun shop...

Notes were a bit delayed by Christmas activity and the installation of a new water heater here at the house.

We sure did move a lot of this and that yesterday. Ammo, accessories, firearms, even a safe. There was somebody there all day except for a very short interval at about 4:00-4:15. There were no great guns there and I only saw one gun come in looking to be purchased (but it wasn't). The most notable thing was the high rate of delays on background checks. Just about 17% actually were instant returns, all others were delayed. Usually it runs about 50/50 but not yesterday. Also, delays were averaging 2-3 hours rather than 30-45 minutes. I'm supposing that the employees who do the backgrounds are further reduced in number by those taking Christmas leave.

Mostly, I'm hoping that we don't get the 6" of snow forecast for Christmas day!

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