Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I took my pre-18 S&W to the range today. I shot it along with my Tactical Solutions 1911 conversion. Range was 25 yards and the ammo was from the 525 Golden Bullet (Remington) box (item 1622C). Remington bulk doesn't have a great rep but there weren't any faults so far as the ammo goes except it might not have agreed with the guns. Targets are standard slow-fire pistol centers. All shooting was done two-handed standing. I rather think it was me that was the problem. FWIW, I have developing cataracts and sometimes it seems that everything blurs out. I hope it is just the cataracts and not something else! Here's the targets so that you can decide for yourselves.

This first is the single-action using the pre-18 (4" K22). I don't know how many shots were fired but none are off the sheet shown. What I did was to load two mags for the TACSOL conversion for every cylinder-full from the revolver.
This next is the target for the Tactical Solutions conversion. I think it did a bit better but then it had more opportunity, like a 20 to 6 advantage.
This was fired double action at about 40 yards from the revolver. There are two .45 holes in the lower left corner of the image. These were the only 2 rounds of 20 .45 ACP ball fired at this same target from the same 25 yards with the same hold. The pistol used was my Lightweight Officer's ACP. Not sure what is wrong as previously I put them all in the bull at this distance with the same center hold. I didn't think I was pushing the gun. Next time I'm going to take a bunch of ball and the gun to just work on this one problem.

The pre-18 S&W (top) and Tactical Solutions conversion (bottom)

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