Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What we have is what we choose to have...

What we have now is a President who thinks that you didn't work for anything what you have, the government gave it to you. We have a President who thinks that you are a racist because he and his preacher and his Attorney General are racists. We have a President that thinks that it is the business of government to steal from those that work to give to those that don't/won't work. We have a President who sees this country as all that is wrong with the world. We have a President who sees free speech as something which should be limited to those with whom he agrees. We should categorically reject these wrong ideas. My ancestors did categorically reject these ideas. I categorically reject these ideas.

When you create something, even in concert with others using government as a tool/servant YOU have created it, not government. When you disagree with a person because of their ideas/beliefs, it isn't necessarily because of the color of their skin, where they came from, how they dress, what they eat, it is most likely because you don't agree with their ideas. Free speech applies to everyone and proof that we believe this exists in their long time expression of their wrong ideas without persecution by us.

The truth though is this, that enough people WANTED this man as President that he was elected. Some were deceived by his rhetoric and believed his modern catchy call for "hope" and "change". Some simply wanted to prove to themselves that they weren't racist (no one saw their vote). Some were simply racist, voting for him ONLY because his skin color matched theirs. Some are true believers in his cause, socialism, the state before the individual, the antithesis of our nation's founding. Some were simply selfish, expecting handouts, payments for their vote. I don't doubt that some votes were frauds as his party is working to hard to deny every method of ensuring honest elections, methods they insist on in other countries. All this means that we who oppose this evil must work very hard, without respite, to get out the votes for his opponent.

We must tell the truth. We must ensure that others hear the truth. We must persuade ALL voters to ignore the color of his skin as we do. We must get our people to the polls, we must make them heard in this vote and we must do so in a manner beyond reproach. In doing these things we can honestly defeat this threat to our nation's existence.

What about those who believe in his view or those who want the handouts? I'm afraid that there will always be people who believe that they know better than ourselves how we should live and people who think theft from others is their only chance for a "fair" share of material things without their labor. Education might reduce the numbers in either group but I doubt that they will learn from the example of others if they haven't yet.

The time for choice is here, the time to work to save our country. Another time for choice is coming, the time to choose who will work for us in leading the country. What we will have is what we will choose to have. There will be no one to blame but ourselves.

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