Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Notes from the gun shop...

We had a pretty high traffic day albeit not a high dollar day. Got to see Scott F_______, his daughter Meghan, son-in-law Jacob P_____, Kenny W____ and Clint B_____ and his wife all in one day. There's some great people right there.

Can't say that there were many interesting guns in the shop. We do have a couple of .22 WRM Colt revolvers and a Browning 1911-22. We did have a fellow bring in a Polish Radom. A late war gun with German acceptance marks, phosphate finish and grooved wood stocks. To be honest, I've never seen one this good. From a supply sergeant point of view, it appeared to have never been to the field. HOWEVER, the holster that came with it had had the mag pouch removed. The owner wanted $1500. He showed an appraisal at $2200. He did leave with it. The boss couldn't put out that money for a gun which likely won't move from our shop.

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