Friday, July 20, 2012

Shootings in Aurora, Colorado

There was a "mass" shooting at a multi-plex theater in Aurora, Colorado. It appears that the suspect, 24-year old James Holmes broke into the theater through a locked emergency exit (meaning that screening of patrons would not have prevented the tragedy) and shot approximately 50 movie-goers of whom we know 12 were killed. He also used some sort of gas or smoke device. This is very sad and the victims and their families are in our prayers.

We understand that Holmes mother was contacted at her home in San Diego and apparently was immediate in confirming her belief that this was her son. This indicates that she has been dealing with problems with her son. How sad for this family. They are also in our prayers.

Already much is being pontificated about this circumstances, causes and means of prevention of future such acts. I'm afraid that many of these great thinkers are no more than publicity hounds. Nobody has all the information necessary to analyze this in a way as to arrive at any logical or meaningful conclusions. This hasn't stopped people from bemoaning the decline of our culture, the availability of firearms, and so forth. I suggest that we sit back and wait for the facts.

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