Sunday, July 29, 2012

Visit with godson and family

We went to Richmond for lunch and a visit with our godson, Peter, and his family which include his parents and siblings, Yort, Robin, Abby and Linus.  We talked and ate and played board games and had a wonderful time. 

This is a great family.  Yort and Robin make certain that the kids aren't consumed by video games and such and as a result 6-year old Linus can use "slay" in a sentence and converse with adults.  Robin is one of the new age midwives and Yort has been a librarian (among other things).  They will be camping (real camping) on the way home.  Yort built his own sailboat and his doing the improvements and expansion on the house.  The kids help.  As hippie like as this sounds they are four-square in support of the T.E.A. Party movement. 

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