Sunday, July 01, 2012

Just now able to access the internet. We were in the Berkshires (Pittsfield, Hancock and Lenox MA near many unrelated Parslows) since Wednesday and didn't get home until Saturday night at 8:30 or so. Had to drive around the block and move some traffic cones to get to the house. The house is fine, the shed is fine, 4 or 5 of the trees (can't remember the count) are topped and the tops landed in the backyard. See the video. One big limb hit the Nana's car. Really upset her. Otherwise mostly just a mess. No power. No idea when we'll get power. Hotter n' heck. Nana TRIED to sleep in the truck. Of course there are no generators or hotel rooms to be had. One has to go at least 2 hours away for a hotel room, further for generators. The trees and generator (and hook up to house) were on "the list". BUT, the house is fine and we're fine. We have water and gas (meaning hot water for showers). Life is good. I'm typing this at "work" in Verona, VA. Nana is finally sleeping in the AC. I'll soon have to wake her to go home to work.

We called Aunt Deanna in NOVA and she was fine but also without power.  Tried calling you and your parents but got no answer, just went to voice mail.  We are hoping you are all ok especially knowing how windy it normally is on that hill of yours.

We did have a good time on our mystery trip.  We didn't know until we'd almost arrived that we'd be staying at Jiminy Peak in Hancock, Massachusetts.  The first day we went to the Norman Rockwell Museum and Naumkeag in Stockbridge.  We also got a short tour of Tanglewood.  Ate lunch at the Red Lion in Stockbridge.  On the second day we went north to the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown.  Went past Williams College and ate at the Williamstown Inn.  Went back to Jiminy Peak for a nap (Nana and I) and then to the Dakota restaurant for dinner and back to Tanglewood to see the _______ Morris Dance Troupe.  This wasn't in the Shed but in the Ozawa theater (hope I spelled that right, I don't have access to my notes right now).  Rode with all our handicapped fellow travelers from the coach parking to the gate.  I'm sorry, but I wasn't much impressed.

A short trip, we left Saturday morning to come home.  Although we'd seen the news reports of the storm, we had no idea what we'd find.  The level of destruction was about the same as a hurricane in Florida or Alabama.

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