Monday, May 21, 2007

My Browning 1895 - UPDATED

It is a crappy photo. I simply haven't had the time to do better.

Some guns are just easier to shoot well than others. This one has the firing pin strike slightly off center but it has yet to be a problem. It hangs well, the trigger is pretty good (I'm a trigger insensitive kinda shooter, if it doesn't take two fingers to pull it doesn't much bother me.), and the sights are at just the right distance that in the right light I can do well with them.

Processing 100 cases now for a 220 gr. bullet load. My goal is 2000 to 2100 fps. It is much cheaper to run such a load in a .30 than a .31. This isn't difficult to do with IMR or Hogdon 4350 and produces a round the penetrates and kills well without excessive recoil.

I haven't gotten the Ukranian Lyman 38 reproduction sight installed yet but hope to go do this soon. This will make the rifle really useful as it will give a wide range of adjustment.

Here's a video about the 1895 rifle...

Originally posted 11/9/2006

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