Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Bought a single box of Hornady .308 220 gr. RN bullets yesterday. $30. Prices just keep going up. Read this topic on The Perfect Union. I suggest that you do as I've been recommending and get the components and rimfire ammo you can afford, now. The prices will only go up. Those bullets I bought yesterday cost $20 a year ago.

I've also order 20 ea Starline .50-90 Sharps cases to convert to .45-75 (well some of them), just to see how it works. Having a number of cases I can convert and knowing what they are will enable me to take advantage of good prices should I be so lucky.

I also ordered Lyman mold 457122 for the 330 gr. HP bullet that works in the .45-75. I've now got to get a sizing die and top punch for my sizer.

Grant Cunningham must have started the plumbing problems. I've got one I need to resolve, hopefully today. How a drain from a sink and a washer gets clogged is beyond me. Maybe there's a sock in there? Anyway, I've got a cast iron nipple I can't get loose even after heating and penetrating oil. I'm going to try a breaker bar and then, if that doesn't work, call a plumber. *sigh* The breaker bar worked a charm and the nipple turned right out. Hard to know how soap scum and dirt clog a drain! Seems clear now and the washer drains with out backing out the drain pipe.

Back to the .45-75, a friend has been sent 10 .348 Winchester cases to see if his CH Tool die set will convert the cases better than my previously noted ad hoc system. Maybe I'll have them next week and be able to report on the comparison.

In the for-what-its-worth department, Ten-X has had my ammo order for 2 boxes of .45-75 ammo, paid for, for 2 weeks now and not a word as to back order. Since they are using Jamison brass and everyone is backordered, I'd presume they are backordered as well. However, they've not had the courtesy of a notification. What's up with that?

In stark contrast, Buffalo Arms telephoned me immediately after receiving my order to let me know that my order for 1 box of their ammo and 50 cases was backordered and they had no idea when they could deliver. Big difference in customer service. What do you think that means so far as my future purchasing choices?

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