Saturday, May 19, 2007

Winchester 1876 Survey

Mr. Rick Bachman aka Buck Stinson (click on the name to send him an e-mail) is compiling a collectors' database of 1876 Winchesters. He is not at all interested in who owns the guns, only in their configuration. Don't worry if you send him a duplicate. You might include info missed by another reporter.

Serial number
Rifle, carbine or musket
Round barrel, octagon barrel, half octagon or heavy barrel over 1" across muzzle.
Barrel length
Any special order features. ie, shotgun butt, half mag, set trigger, etc.
Any rework like outside refinish, new wood, etc.

This includes any stripped receivers or parts guns with serial numbers. These are also added to the list. If known, I might mention if it has been lettered.

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