Saturday, May 12, 2007

Starline .38-55 LONG (2.125") Brass has Arrived

It hasn't been long since I ordered the new LONG (i.e. original length) .38-55 brass from Starline Brass of Sedalia, MO. At first inspection the brass looks good. It seems to be the correct length and while there are some dented case mouths, that is to be expected when brass is shipped in bulk (250 cases) through the UPS or mail. Starline brass has proven to be of high quality in the other cartridges I've loaded so I expect that it will be so here as well. Because Starline also produces the now standard shorter length this brass includes the 2.125 on the headstamp. Pretty nifty. Some have requested photos of the brass and I'll do that as soon as I'm able. Cost for the 250 cases was $112 shipped or a little less than $.45 per case. That's not unreasonable for what is still a hard to get case in this day of rising brass prices. I would recommend that you get it while it is available.

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