Tuesday, May 15, 2007

.45-75 Cases in Hand

Because I made them, I've got my first two .45-75 cases in hand. Well, they are just a hair short, because I started with just a hair too short .348 Winchester brass. But I'm excited. I'd like to drop a few of these empties in the sand myself. Did I say I'm excited.

Here's the steps I used.
1. .348 Winchester new brass
2. run brass into .348 sizing die just enough to ensure case mouth is round.
3. quick trim case to 2 inches (I now recommend 2.02 inches) with Dremel cutoff wheel.
4. put case in Lyman trimmer and square case mouth likely removing another .01"
5. chamfer case mouth
6. dip case mouth 3/10" into moly
7. run case into .375 expander (from .38-55 die set)
8. run case into .429 expander (from .444 Marlin or .44 Mag die set)
9. run case into .457 expander (from .45-70 die set)
10. lube and run case into .45-75 sizing die sans decapper rod/pin
11. trim to 1.88"

I tried the cases in my rifle and the rims of the .348 Winchester cases work (or seem to with empty brass) as is. This is a big time saver! The only thing these cases need is to be fireformed.

Mike Venturino used W231 and a round ball as his fireforming load. I have Bullseye. I need to research how much would be usable in this case.

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