Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cold Steel Proof Videos

I've been watching the Cold Steel Knives "proof" videos. I have to say that some of these videos is just plain cheesy, especially the music. Mr. Thompson and his crew of buff (except for Mr. Thompson, sorry, but I'm not buff either) demonstrators cut, slice, chop, stab and generally use every single product on rope, rolled grass mats, shipping tubes, plywood and cardboard cutouts, cable, hogs, chickens, beef ribs, meat filled leather jackets, boots and denim pants legs. They all look so serious. Come on guys, isn't it a hoot to do that for real while the company picks up the tab? I know it must be, it has to be. Otherwise product values are good, the facility is great, Lynn Thompson doesn't even doff his tie for some demos, and hogs, good golly, they cut hogs heads off! All in all it is fantastic. I wish I had about $10,000 to spend on his products.

Why? Because even the cheap stuff like the Canadian Belt Knife I reviewed earlier is a great product and it only costs you $10 or so. That defines inexpensive but it is a GOOD knife. How much better are all these other products.

If you can't buy a knife you can watch the videos. Now there's an evenings entertainment. The only thing better would be to have half-covered , leather and mail clad amazons doing the cutting.

What do I want? I'd like the 1917 Cutlass, the Warrior Katana, the Dragonfly Wakazashi, the Scottish Dirk, the Scottish Broad Sword, the Boar Spear, a couple of Finn Bears, and the San Mai Gurkha Kukri. They also have this neat Swiss Halbred in the catalog as a closeout for $50 and shipping but I haven't got the $50! Oh, drat.

No, it isn't as if I need any of it, particularly a halbred, but darn if I just find edged weapons fascinating.

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