Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Doug Turnbull Restoration

I've been considering the "restoration" of a couple of OT guns (a Parker Bros VHE and a Ithaca double) and have been looking around well aware that I'm going to need some $$$$ to do this right. Anyway, I ordered Doug Turnbull's Catalog and price list. If you think the net photos are something, wow! The internet can only show you 72 pixels per inch but these photos are something. Makes your mouth water and hands shake.

These two shotguns were passed down to me and owned by my maternal grandfather. He wasn't one to use a gun but as a tool and his wife was strongly opposed to having them in the house. When they no longer were needed to produce rabbits and keep the rabbits from the garden as they had been used when they were a young couple she insisted that they go to the attic. I heard a comment about them and their exile and asked if I could have them, buy them, clean them, etc. No was the only answer I got and I didn't get them until Grandma was moved to the home (Grandpa died in 1978). The 1906 Winchester and a Mossberg #4 were also in the attic and all had at least some rust on them. The Ithaca is the worst. I've no photos now but I suppose I should create some.

Oh, but the prices are something else. I'm glad the wood doesn't need to be replaced!

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