Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ukranian Lyman Type 38 Sight Received

Today I received my sight from HikerLT. I saw over on that he had one he'd bought from Buffalo Arms. Made by Parts Unknown, Inc. of 206 Oxford St., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3M 3J6 (Phone & FAX: 204-487-7185), these sights are the affordable option to an original climbin' Lyman even at $225 US.


I thought I'd add some observations for those with questions.

Markings? My sight's only markings (other than windage and elevation "ticks") are a faint eletric pencil "148" on the long leg near the forward mounting screw. Is it a serial number? I don't know.

Apertures? This has the same type of flip change aperture as on the Lyman #1 sights. I like it. Very practical for a hunting rifle.

The windage adjustment is adjusted by means of the wheel to the right of the aperture. There is no mechanism to lock it in place. However, once adjusted a bit of loctite on the screw on either side of the aperture should hold it against inadvertent adjustment or those who just have to twirl knobs (if you allow such to pick up your gun).

Quality? I think the sight is of good quality. The technology is typical of the time and although the sight body appears to be a thick sheet of steel folded to have two portions at right angles to each other, there are numerous small and well fit parts to make the sight.

The list on these is $225 but an original sight is at least double that even for the Lyman 21 with is drift adjustable for windage rather than the more expensive 38 (screw adjustable windage).

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