Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Ken Waters' Notebook - Best Wishes for Good Shooting"

From Wolfe Publishing is "Ken Waters' Notebook - Best Wishes for Good Shooting". It is basically a collection of correspondence, mostly from Ken but also from others with questions to give some flavor I think. In as much as Ken is very knowledgeable the book is useful, perhaps, but it is repetitive without illustrations. It does point out how much time Mr. Waters spent answering mail. Many of the letters are detailed, lengthy and required research to cite sources.

But I have a gripe and I think that if I had known about this I would not have bought the book.

The problem is that, being only half way through the book, I've found several instances where letters are repeated. I'm not talking about a misbound book with repeated pages (irritating enough) but different pages (as numbered) with the same letters. In at least one case a couple of letters are out of sequence. Hard to follow a train of thought unless you chose to read the book from back to front at that particular point! That is POOR editing. It makes me wonder what jewel of knowledge I have not gotten that was supposed to be there.

Yep, I'm writing Wolfe. Just thought I'd warn some of you who'd be interested so that you could wait for the second, corrected, edition.

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