Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cleaning Out the Parts Bin

While I've been on enforced house residency this week I've been going through the parts bins looking for stuff to sell to raise money for other stuff to buy. No, I can't help it.

I have found at least 2 old Winchester leveraction rear sights, a rear sight for the Winchester M1906, a couple of generic open sights, and a couple of Marlin open sights, all with elevators. Also, I got out the Lyman #2 coded "B" for the 1892 Marlin and one mounting screw (I'm looking for the other) and a generic type tang sight I originally got for the 1886 SRC but decided against mounting. Several grips, rubber, Pachmayr make for S&W N, K and J frames, Colt DS, along with wooden stocks for the Colt PPS and some un-identified Phillipine made grips for some revolver, possibly a Colt NS or 1917. Also found was a 10-round mag for a Taurus. Of course I've got those never fit to a revolver Herrett Shooting Stars for the post-66 PPS or Detective Special (or Cobra or Agent if it floats your boat).

All of this stuff is for sale and if you are "lucky" enough to read my blog you might as well make me an offer.

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