Thursday, February 22, 2007

Made "The Rounds" Today - Another Shop Closes

Today was the day for making the rounds and visiting all the local shops, well most of them. First up was Hunter's Paradise in Harrisonburg. I was surprised to discover that they were selling everything at cost and will be closed, likely by Monday. That's pretty sad as one of my high school classmates is one of the owners. I wish I'd had some money though as I could have gotten about 6 guns. Yeah, that's embarassing as I shouldn't be so lustful for inanimate objects. I did pick up some ammo and a knife.

Then I went to Runion's. The only thing there really of interest to me was a Winchester 94 flatband. In the lower range but without the rollmark on the tang, this was a pretty good gun, but not great. What was great was that it is chambered for the .32 Winchester Special. I only bought some Federal .22 WRFM.

Stopped by Valley Surplus, just back down the road a bit, and got 4 .50 cal ammo cans for storage. Spray painted black they'll keep "things" well until I die.

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