Friday, February 16, 2007

Colt's 1911 "Repro"

Colt is making a 1911 just like the 1911s were made. I got to see and handle one today but not even the owner, who carefully unwrapped it after opening the box, has shot it. Good thing it isn't mine. I'd have blasted a few mags through it.

Metal work was beautiful except, the US Property marking stamp apparently bounced producing a shadow effect, like a light double stamp.

The sights were a bit tiny. The stocks were a bit light for my taste. Otherwise, well I quit drooling about 30 minutes after he left.

Colt only plans to make so many and they should be finished about June or July. Better get while the getting is good.

PS. Same friend scored a Triple-lock .44 Spec 4" nickel for $360. Not sure if the the nickel plate was factory but there is flaking on the forward edge between the flutes.

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