Friday, September 25, 2009

Bear at Mom's

For some, seeing bears is no big thing. At my mother's place it used to be more than unusual despite the location near national forest. However, there are now more and more bears and less and less food in the mountains and the bears have moved down on the farms (just like the deer) to find some chow.

Yesterday I was relieving some stress by plinking, i.e. shooting down the hill from Mom's house into her pond, and suddenly saw a black form in the pond. I was surprised that there were any "cows" in the field until it turned its head and came out of the water a bit more. BEAR! It was apparently frolicking in the water, swimming back and forth across the pond. After about 3 minutes it decided to take off. Came out of the water up over the dam and headed away down the ridgeline.

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