Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Notes from the gun shop...

#1 for Monday was the guy who brought in his Arsenal AK-47 semi-auto that wasn't "feeding properly". The magazines used are some plastic/synthetic thing by Pro-mag and the ammo was Wolf. Our Mr. Gunwrench had a go at it and came out with a pronouncement that I could barely hear but sounded something like my "break it in and change magazines". The owner, a regular, hasn't been back. FWIW, that Arsenal AK is as pretty an AK as I've seen.

We also had a fellow bring in his SOCOM 16 by Springfield Armory. What was his problem? He wanted a good scope for the rifle. We looked at a bunch of IER and EER scopes. Took about 1 hour for him to make up his mind. He finally decided to buy a Smith and Wesson branded EER 2X scope with some extra heavy duplex crosshair reticule that even I could easily see when mounted on the rifle.

For whatever it is worth, I really liked the SOCOM 16 feel compared to the SOCOM II.

Also sold a .327 Federal Taurus revolver for a woman who is currently using a .32 SW Long revolver and wanted to move up in power. The husband (with military experience) was looking at GI pattern 1911 type pistols. The big seller on the .327 Federal? They could use their current stock of ammo AND use the .32 HR as a step up as she learns the gun.

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