Friday, September 11, 2009

Colt Cobra 1972

While I have a 1968 made Colt Cobra it is really too nice to carry. I hate to say it but it is a safe queen. However, the obvious benefits were too much and I traded into this 1968, slightly finish worn, Cobra just to carry.

This gun came with the smooth grips shown which are just fine for shooting but a little large for carry, particularly pocket carry (in a Simply Rugged pocket holster). To fix that I installed a set of Sile Agent stocks on the gun.  This was possible because this is a post-1966 gun and the frames for these and all D-frames of the period are pretty much the same.

What a perfect compliment the Agent stocks are to the gun.  They make it a truly compact revolver and truly concealable.  But, and how can I say this politely, they are a pain to shoot.  I don't care for the checkering pattern, not because of the appearance but because of the comfort. You see, Sile made sure that you'd have a grip on these and the edges are very, sharp!  I fixed that, I put a set of original Colt Agent grips on the gun.  With the Tyler T grip adapter, the gun is controllable and shootable and works out to the limit of self-defense ranges without problems. 

I like this gun so much that it has been my everyday gun all summer long.  I've loaded it with Buffalo Bore's item 20C, the 158 gr. LHP non+P load.  I've got a lot of confidence in this combination. 

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