Friday, October 30, 2009

Colt Combat Commander

The Combat Commander is an all steel version of the Commander, a 4-1/4 inch barreled version of the Government model on an aluminum frame. Whatever I've said about Colt's .45 ACP semi-auto pistols applies here including that this particular gun has the Colt Series 80 modifications. As has become my usual course of action, the main spring housing was replaced with a flat version. I simply prefer the feel of the flat MSH.

I bought this .45 ACP chambered gun about 1985 or 1986, I'm not exactly certain now. I got it from LBW Shooter's Supply in Staunton. I had an opportunity to buy a Lightweight Officer's Model but got a good deal on this one so bought it instead. I wish I'd gotten the other as well!

I used this gun for concealed carry for several years. While a lighter pistol might have been more comfortable I was in good condition and much thinner than now and it didn't bother me at all. It did take a while to find the best way to carry concealed but once I did nobody knew and I carried all the time.

For a long time the gun wore Pachmayr rubber stocks but there was really no reason for this. The factory wood was entirely satisfactory and I shoot equally well with either. The wood does have the advantage of not "grabbing" at clothing the way the rubber does.

It is sufficiently accurate with any number of combat capable loads and feeds most with the necessary reliability. However, I always felt most comfortable with the standard ball or Remington's 230 gr. +P Golden Saber. That is what has become standard for my carry use in .45 ACP guns.

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