Thursday, October 01, 2009

So where's your politics Mr. Gunblogger?

I got an e-mail today asking where I, as a gunblogger, posted my political views.  Well, aside from the links to gun owners' rights organizations in the side-bar and an occasional post about a gun-rights vote in D.C. or here in VA I don't post about political subjects in this blog.  This blog, Shooting with Hobie, is intended to be a journal for my grandchildren's edification, that is, if they are ever interested!  My political posts are on Lady Liberty Defended

That blog is mostly informational, sometimes a rant, sometimes commentary (short of a rant) but unfortunately I'm not exactly "snarky", clever, or nutty.  I don't cuss there either, at least I try not to.  I've just got to have a place to make my displeasure with the direction this country has taken at all levels of government.  Yes, I do need such a place and I've got one.  I hope you'll visit.

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