Monday, October 26, 2009

Handgun Hunters International

Many years ago, I forget which year but I was in Korea about 1978-79, J.D. Jones began Handgun Hunters International (HHI). This was long before the internet and when I saw a notice in some magazine I was intrigued. Now, I wasn't experienced (unless you call a couple of hundred starlings killed with a Crosman 130 .22 pellet pistol experience) but I was eager. I sent off my money and became charter member 500. Soon I was receiving my copy of "The Sixgunner", the publication of HHI.

I was well pleased with the many stories of hunting adventures in exotic (to me) locales. It was exciting, interesting and in that nether region of English language entertainment that was Korea at the time, an important refuge for me.

I was so excited that I was motivated to write my first article for "The Sixgunner" on my search for the perfect first revolver. In that article I tried to give the specifics on a personal search or journey to my choice of a Ruger stainless Security-Six with 4-inch barrel as my first center-fire revolver. J.D. Jones published that first effort, albeit heavily edited (and rightly so). I was over the moon.

Unfortunately, some 2½ years later and I was home but without much money and my family demanding more as the children aged, I didn't continue my membership/subscription. Later, I didn't have the resources to pursue getting a new subscription. Then, gradually, I kinda lost interest despite my pursuit, during this entire time, of handgun hunting.

I'm pleased to say that's changed. I was recently reading a post on a shooting forum where the poster mentioned receiving his latest copy of "The Sixgunner". Thinking that there were no longer any excuses I found the website for HHI and printed out the application. The next day I mailed it off with a check for the subscription and today "The Sixgunner" once again started a periodic journey to my door.

What a pick-me-up! I've already read it twice and am now thinking of the many possible handgun hunts I could do this fall. It is as if 30 years has been wiped away and recovered at the same time.

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