Saturday, October 24, 2009


A way back in 1963 or 1964 my dad got interested in leather work. I think he was particularly interested in the tooling of leather and made many belts, purses and such. I still have a couple of his pieces. The hobby relaxed him and I think the artistic outlet was secondary to the mental R&R he got.

Some 30 years later he traded his leather tooling tools (and there was quite an accumulation) to my friend Mike for the 10" Ruger MKII .22 LR pistol. I don't know what Mike did with those tools but I have the pistol. I treasure it as it is one thing that was used and enjoyed by both my father and very good friend, Mike.

Dad got most of his supplies and tools from Tandy Leather Company. Hermann Oak is one of the best. Also try, Brettun's for small/odd lots, Siegels if buying sides, and Montana.

Leather working can be very satisfying and the associated smells will stay with you for life!

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