Friday, October 02, 2009

Scotchbrite Pads to Clean Up Stainless Guns

There's an art to this and one sees a number of posts on the subject. However, there's no centralized repository of Scotch-brite knowledge that I can find so I've tried to create it here.

One thing that you should do is stroke in one direction with even pressure. Also, if need practice, you can do that on some parts covered by the stocks (grips).

- GREEN - reproduces the factory "brushed" finish on stainless guns
- General Purpose, maroon, 6x9x1/4 inch Hand Pad The General Purpose Pad is equivalent to a 0 or 00 steel wool. It will leave a low, satin sheen.  Use with honing oil.
- Ultra-fine, gray, 6x9x1/4 inch Hand Pad. The Ultra-fine Pad is equivalent to a 4/0 steel wool for polishing to a higher sheen. On the S&W forum it seems to be agreed that the grey colored pads come closest to the factory brushed finish.


I'd like to update this information as a resource. Any information you might have would be a great help. Please e-mail me.

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Pawpaw said...

Who'd a thunk that the color matters. I use scotch-brite to clean the front of the cylinder when it becomes crudded with powder residue.