Wednesday, January 19, 2011

30-30 ammo point of impact comparison by Joseph A. Riekers

Paladin initiated a way to get some 30-30 ammo to feed the Ranch Rifle and ARJunky got a ton of ammo to us. Ricky and I ran it through the rifle to see what we had. The current rear sight setting is dead on at 50 yards with a "hold on" sight picture. The standard 150 gr loads at 2390 fps (book) would not sight in because the rear sight did not have enough movement. We received Federal Premium Barnes 150 grain X @ 2220 (book); Remington Managed Recoil 125 grain RNSP @ 2170 (book); and Federal Hi-Power 125 grain HP @ 2550 (book). The comparison load is the 170 grain Speer FP handloads that are going 2170 fps. 3 shot groups were fired at 50 yds in kneeling or sitting position:

Speer 170 gr load for calibration - dead on, 2 1/2" group

Federal Hi- Power 125's - 2" high, 7/8" group

Federal Premium Barnes 150 - dead on, 1 1/8" group

Remington Managed Recoil 125 gr - 2 3/4" low, 2 1/4" group


Here's what happened at 100 yards and 150 yds - 3 shot groups off shooting sticks resting front edge of receiver:

Speer 170 load for calibration - 100 = -1 1/4" 150 = -6" (3 1/2" groups)

Federal Hi- Power 125 - 100 = +3" 150 = +1 1/4" (2" groups)

Federal Barnes 150 gr - 100 = -2" 150 = -5" (2 1/2" groups)

Rem Manag. Recoil 125 - 100 = -5" 150 = -8 1/2" (5 " groups)

There is a significant noticable increase in recoil shooting the Federal Barnes 150 gr (most recoil). Next in decending order of felt recoil is the Federal 125 gr, Speer 170 gr handload and the least recoil of all the Remington Managed Recoil 125's.

Here's how were going to use these: Kids usually shoot from a fixed blind where they can rest the gun. We try to limit the range to 50 yards. Most commonly they are shooting smallish animals like rams, goats or blackbucks. In this case we'll use the Rem Man. Recoil rounds. For teens, and smaller hunters we'll shoot Rem Man Recoil at the range for familiarity. When actually hunting we'll pull a switcheroo and load the Fed 125's for appropriate smaller game up to 100 yds. If the smaller shooter is targeting something larger like a hog, or who knows what exotic we will do the switcheroo with the Federal Barnes 150 gr. I am confident we can judge the situation and use the more potent ammo when called for without anything noticable by the shooter.
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