Monday, January 03, 2011

Notes from the gun shop...

Lady sent her husband in to the store today to buy her a gun. Went out to walk the dog, dog gets away (guess she dropped the leash) and goes crazy barking she grabs it up and then looks up in the tree and sees... yep, you guessed it. Cat comes out of the tree and is now between the lady with dog and the house. Ran off when husband opened the door and yelled for the wife. She now wants a gun to carry around the house.

Ruger announced the LC9. Met with yawns from the stool sitters, disappointment from the fanatics. Jeff Quinn is right, it will probably sell 100,000 the first year. We have one of the new Ruger Scout rifles enroute.

Slow day otherwise. Post New Years' blues. Will next pick up for spring turkey season. In fact, one of the sales was for a box of shotgun ammo expressly for turkey season!

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